Find all sites on server by IP address

I don’t advocate using the following to hack other sites. I found it interesting that my host was serving pornography from the same box I was using, so I switched to my own cloud server. There are two ways to go about finding other sites on your server. If you don’t know your server IP, you can search


and there are plenty of sites that will expose the server domain.

Bing IP Search

This seems to be pretty reliable and up-to-date. Bing has an IP operator that allows you to specify an IP address when searching.

Example Search:


Hackers will use this operator to find sites running WordPress using the images tab. Once they identify several domains, they can easily ascertain your WP version with the generator meta tag. A hacker can know all of the WordPress installations and versions of those sites without leaving a probing footprint. If there is a known vulnerability with one of your versions, it’s a cinch to attack it. Keep your software up-to-date and your back-doors closed friends. Bing is not your friend with this horrid search operator.

Example Search:

ip: wp-content

Reverse IP Domain Check Tool

This is less than desirable when searching a largely populated box. If the customer turnover is pretty high, the stale entries still appear in a gargantuan list of sites. For smaller boxes, this works well.

These are tools hackers use to aid in passive mapping of a server without ever hitting the IP directly. If you’re wondering how multiple WordPress installations on your server keep getting hacked, this is most likely the starting point for Mr. or Mrs. Hacker.