The beginning of all understanding is classification

Understanding a problem is the foundation of programming. Classification is the logical, yet, overlooked starting point of most projects. Many times, I find that my inefficiency and lack of productivity stems from a low morale or fatigue. This is typically birthed by a deficiency of direction and understanding of how to accomplish a task.

When I find myself in a vacuum of zero productivity, I typically break down problems and tasks in an outline program. I focus on creating small, realistic tasks in a logical progression that won’t overwhelm my psyche. I recently discovered WorkFlowy. It’s a simple way to systematize thoughts, ideas, contingencies, projected anomalies, scenarios, etc. in a searchable, navigable outline form.

When you starting seeing your coworkers as binary entities, just do something to get back to firing on all cylinders. A good place to start is classify and reclassify, then classify again until you get it right. If classification is the beginning of understanding, iteration of classification is certainly a close second.

Author: Hayden White